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The Relationship Between Hong Kong People Moving Northward and Independent Visitors without Staying Overnight in Hong Kong is a "Chicken and Egg" Situation?

More than a year after the reopening of borders, the recovery of the retail and catering industry in Hong Kong has not been as expected as anticipated. During every holiday period between Hong Kong and mainland China, the HKSAR government frequently announces information on inbound and outbound passenger traffic as well as measures to address the situation. Since the government cannot change the Hong Kong people's love for travel, it would be better to strengthen the preservation and restoration of Hong Kong's historic architectural and cultural attractions, improve the transportation connectivity between these attractions, and review the planning of nearby catering and retail facilities. Proactively facing the objective fact of being adjacent to Shenzhen, Macau, and Zhuhai, the government should significantly enhance the feasibility of same-day cultural and creative tourism to and from Hong Kong. When the central government releases more details on relaxing the individual visit scheme, Hong Kong can make good use of these sustainable visitor attractions.

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