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Real Estate

With our extensive network, resources and experiences in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Belt and Road countries, we provide solutions worldwide to all countries in the real estate industry, including but not limited to developers, real estate investors, financial institutes, tenants and government entities. Our value for engagement, dialogue and collaboration leads us to integrate latest market knowledge and look ahead, in order to provide tailored and unique solutions that successfully achieve clients' goals and unleash potential of their real estate assets. (4).png
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Feasibility Study

To attain the finest return in investment ofthe real estate industry, maximizing utilization of the property is the key of success. We aim at helping clients to make the most profitable and feasible investment decision by carrying out a comprehensive analysis to review any possible use of the land or the property in compliance with all relevant statutory requirements. Our long-standing clients benefit from:

  • realising the most suitable investment

  • accurately assessing the viability of real estate investment

  • our unrivalled database of performance for wide range of property   

  • deep insight into their investing projects


Planning application/

lease modification/ wavier

Lease modification and planning permission may be required if the existing lease terms limit usage or maximum floor area of the land. In order to optimize the use of the land, our professional surveyors can assist you to apply for TPO s16 and s12A planning application for change in use of your properties. we can assist to apply for lease modification to Lands Department & Planning Department by providing the following services:


  • Preparation of the application letter and the required documents

  • Reviewing of the Provisional Basic Terms Offer & Land Premium Offer

  • Appealing the premium by submitting counter-offer

  • Attending valuation meeting during the appeal process

  • Providing advice on the acceptance on the Binding basic Term Offer


Property investment strategy consultancy

With a proven track record in transactions and development funding across all traditional real estate and alternative investment sectors, we provide with integrated and strategic real estate investment advice. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge with a thorough understanding of which influence investment performance, is the basis on providing independent, informed and impartial advice to maximise returns.


Preparation of tender for developers in relation to property development projects

The tendering process is an important means by which a fair price and best value for undertaking the works is obtained. We consider tender planning as an activity directed at an outcome, rather than just completing a template. We ensure competition and contestability by understanding the nature of the supplier market and developing a strategy for market engagement.


Valuation and Advisory in relation to Cap. 545 (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance

To tackle the problem of urban decay and better utilize limited land resources, both the Government and property developers proactively participates in redevelopment schemes. We have long been providing advice and services to developers and minority owners and our services include performing valuation under The Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap. 545) and act for minority owners to negotiate with developers, as well as acting as Expert Witness in the Lands Tribunal.


Cap. 621 Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance

  • Physical Inspection to locate the 43 Types of Facilities Specified in Cap. 621 within 250 meters from the development boundary


  • Extract Relevant Portion of Outline Zoning Plan(s) showing lands situated within 500 metres from the development boundary


  • Incorporate Aerial Photograph and other features as required


  • Review the Summaries of Deed of Mutual Covenant and Land Grant


  • Revision of the Area Measurement of Residential Properties, which include saleable area and other specified ancillary areas


  • Vetting of Show Flat


  • Inspection and Verification of the Fittings, Finishes and Appliances


  • Issuance of a Formal Report with Photos, Remarks & Comments by Experienced Surveyor


  • Examination & Revision of Previous Version of Sale Brochure fulfilling Every Three Months Update requirement.


Innovative Property Sales & Marketing Advisory

Market research on residential properties, optimal sales strategies on first-hand residential properties, we are the pioneer in providing INNOVATIVE technology solutions in all property development and sales areas. We have been advising and providing online and technology solutions to cope with the new normal as well as the impact by COVID-19 such as, online auction, rather than traditional auction hall format, sales and registration system, comprehensive social advertising strategies and target marketing.


Alex Leung

Chief Surveyor


Alex worked in a Fortune 500 real estate consulting firm for 20 years and was the head of Hong Kong Valuation Team since January 2012 until he left the company in 2015.  He mainly handles real estate and business valuations in various countries within APAC.

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