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Today it is widely recognised that sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) present financial, operational and compliance risks to companies—they are no longer merely a corporate social responsibility or a reputational issue. It affects the balance sheet, and failure to manage these risks carefully may bring about real financial impacts on the company. For example, green bond is a sustainability-induced financial vehicle, which is a bond specifically earmarked to be used for climate and environmental projects. This implies the sustainability trend is really evolving. (5).png

Managing the Key ESG Data Challenges in Asia

ESG Data are increasingly used as fundamental inputs for multiple functions within Banking and Asset Management such as Investment Allocation, Regulatory Disclosures, Climate Risk Management and Carbon Footprint Estimation. Contemporaneously, the complexity and heterogeneity of these data are rising significantly, meaning firms and investors are struggling to navigate a confusing ESG Data landscape.

Our Stella Law has joined the Zoom Webinar on November 25th at 11am – 12 noon (HKT) “Managing the Key ESG Data Challenges in Asia” and presented her thoughts on the topic and hosted a panel discussion on some of the most pressing questions pertaining to ESG Data today.


The Shift towards Sustainable Finance from real estate sector perspectives

Our Senior Sustainability Analyst, Hannah Lau, has delivered a talk to the members of The Association of Hong Kong Accountants (AHKA) regarding The Shift towards Sustainable Finance from real estate sector perspectives on 4 March 2021 (Thurs).

With the launch of HKEX's Sustainable and Green Exchange (SATGE) in Dec 2020, sustainable finance development in Hong Kong has been speeded up. However, investors might not have a concrete idea of how ESG could be integrated into an investment or how ESG could make an impact on financial returns/corporate valuation. Hannah’s talk provided a clearer view and a deeper illustration of sustainable finance and ESG investment.

She also received quite bulks of questions about green bonds in Hong Kong that night, especially on the regulations and KPIs monitoring.



ESG Reporting

We provide a one-stop solution for your ESG reporting requirement, and leverage the ESG report as a marketing tool, improving your corporate image along the way. We understand your business and will devise a reporting scope most appropriate to your firm, satisfying compliance and at the same time balance the effort required for data collection—and since the collection process is arduous and time consuming, we could handle it for you, coordinating and managing the process directly, giving you a peace of mind. We ensure that the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reported accurately, consistent with disclosure scope and the reporting frameworks in fulfilling the requirements of HKEX’ Listing Rules and other compliance specific to your firm, such as GRI and other internal guidelines for best practice.


ESG Reporting Assurance

While ESG report is a great channel for conveying the messages and merits from and about your company that are otherwise not possible through the financial statements (which are audited by professional auditors), it is not required to be audited by an independent professional party, at present. HKEX encourages seeking assurance of the ESG report from an independent assurer, and such assurance will enhance the credibility of a company’s ESG reporting and the reliability of the ESG disclosure. We are an independent assurer and we can provide independent assurance services on your ESG disclosures and the compliance with the local or international ESG reporting frameworks by AA1000 Assurance Standard.

CHFT Advisory & Appraisal is

a licensed assurance provider of AA1000.


Sustainability strategic advisory

The movement toward sustainable and green practice are perceived by many as burdens over their already heavy workload for keeping their business afloat—we however see it as an opportunity as such change in paradigms also entails new business opportunities. New products are emerging every day to support sustainability and their producers have grasped the niches, and you can too. We help you to seize the opportunities for addressing the climate-related physical and transition risks in your business operation, and we re-examine your business strategy and positioning, supply chain management, employee benefits, and other aspects so that you are ahead of others in this paradigm shift toward a more green and caring business environment.


"Increasing transparency makes markets more efficient, and economies more stable and resilient."


Michael R. Bloomberg,

Financial Stability Board's Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

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