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(852) 2301 4080


(852) 2301 4988


1601, 16/F, Sun House,

90 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

Your Feedback

CHFT Advisory and Appraisal Ltd always aims at delivering top quality services to clients. We tailor-make our services to satisfy our clients because it is our core value to focus on the clients. 
Your feedback to us is critical to our success. 

Your Testimonials

If you are pleased by our performance, we would be grateful if you could write us a testimonial.  Your appreciation is our greatest driving force to the continuing improvements. Regardless, please write or talk to us if you have any comments to our services, and we will respond to you the earliest.  


Complain Handling Policy

In the rare occasion that something goes wrong, we would be grateful if you could inform us, so we could resolve your problem and further improve our services.

The person responsible for dealing with your complaint is Mr. Leo Wong.
We recommend you put your complain in writing to the above named, at the email an address below. In doing so, we ensure that your complaint is securely received and fully understood.
1601, 16/F, Sun House,

90 Connaught Road Central,

Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2301 4080


Once we receive your complaint, we will involve full consideration of your complain by Mr. Leo Wong. We will acknowledge your complaint by telephone and in writing within 7 working days. Following that we will consider your complaint as soon as possible. We will provide you with a full response or, if that is not possible, an update on our progress with your complaint, within a further 28 working days.

Since we always aim to provide top quality services to you, we will try to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. If you are happy with our conclusion about the complaint and decide to accept it, the matter will be closed and will be confirmed through writing.

In the very unfortunate case that we could not cater your demand or that you do not find our conclusion acceptable. Where the parties agree that it may be beneficial, the parties will seek to resolve the dispute through mediation. Otherwise, please refer to the Terms of Business attached to our Engagement Letter, where the Jurisdiction clause contains details of the dispute resolution, and should be the last resort by any disputes between the client and us.

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