The entrepreneurial spirit

Our business requires agile and distinctive business-minds. CHFT’s entrepreneurial spirit and decentralized decision-making are promoted through our company. We provide global corporate advisory, market research & study, real estate consultancy, asset valuation and ESG advisory. By combining professional knowledge from a diversity of fields, we endeavor to be a one-stop solution provider to our clients with optimized and integrated solution. We grow with our clients and we care about our clients along the way.



The changing world

The world has been changing rapidly in the past decades and so has been the business landscape; no businessmen can neglect the revolutions that have been reshaping our lives and the way we conduct our businesses. For example, the society has been more conscious to our environment and increasingly embraces in green technology; we have put more caring on the elderly and disables; advance in communication technology also brings people closer together regardless of physical distance. Subject to these continuing changes, many business opportunities were gone forever, but CHFT believed that even more opportunities caused by these changes will proliferate, but could only be discovered and leveraged on by innovative and creative individuals who are at the same time knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, with strong passion to be both game-changer and leaders.



We are innovative and creative

Professionals working at CHFT are always innovative and creative. As entrepreneurs, we would step into the shoes of our clients and see all the concerns that our clients face. Only through a fully understanding of our client’s situations could we seize the fleeting opportunities. Instead of passively providing traditional services that the client requests which could only solves the clients’ problems in some piecemeal manner, we aim to provide integrated advice and solutions that best helps our clients and to anticipate future challenges.