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金管局剛宣布放寬非住宅物業按揭貸款按揭成數上限由 40%上調至 50%。華坊諮詢認為有實力的投資者一向有多種融資的渠道,按揭成數的上調應該對他們沒太大影響。

金管局剛宣布放寬非住宅物業按揭貸款按揭成數上限由 40%上調至 50%。華坊諮詢認為有實力的投資者一向有多種融資的渠道,按揭成數的上調應該對他們沒太大影響。但對於工商鋪的小型投資者而言,由於物業估價因應市場下跌,現有按揭可能已經超過估價40%。上限提高至 50%有希望減輕銀行要求業主補回差價的壓力。


Our Alex Leung comments on HKMA new commercial property mortgage rules that it is not big deals to big investors as they used to have ways to lend more than the 40% limits. But could help the smaller commercial properties investors as it may enable the banks to re arrange the finance : as the prices dropped a lot, the existing loans may have over the 40% limit. Uplift the limit to 50% could prevent the banks forced to ask the owners to pay the differences. Car parking spaces would be most benefit.

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