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Gov't land tender at Broadcast Drive (NKIL 6638)

Broadcast Drive NKIL6638 tender  chft

廣播道地獲17份標書 與華坊預計吻合

九龍塘廣播道79號住宅地於10月22日截標,項目前身是香港電台教育電視中心,兩旁為小型豪華屋苑星輝豪庭和尚都,北面是龍翔道,有著噪音的問題。本項目地盤面積23,864平方呎,最多可建樓面面積 71,591平方呎,最高可建13 層。

九龍塘區較新的樓盤有延文禮士道上的雋睿和賢文禮士; 現二手實用呎價普遍3萬元以上。而九倉龍翔道與獅子山隧道公路交界的地王項目涉及百多個單位,主力提供中大型單位,但未見有推盤的消息。

是次項目規模小華坊估計吸引 15 間以上發展商出價競投,地皮可售14至14.5億元,樓面地價每方呎約19,600至20,200元。



The tender of New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 6638 at No. 79 Broadcast Drive, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, in the 2021-22 Land Sale Programme had been closed and draw 17 bidders today, as expected as Alex Leung, senior director of CHFT. The land is one of the two small parcels of land for public tender in the July-to-September quarter. It can accommodate up to 180 units and is likely to be favoured by many developers, especially among small and medium-sized players. CHFT expected to value at HK$1.4-1.45 billion.


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