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Nano Flat & Luncheon Meat - Cable TV interview of Alex Leung, CHFT

Nano Flats vs luncheon meat government restrict  梁沛泓 華坊s flat size lease modification  chft Alex Leung

有線電視訪問 : 「限呎」推展至換地及修訂地契

Interview by Cable TV: Flat size restriction clauses extends to Land Exchange and Modification (in Cantonese only)

我們董事的重點意見 (僅限英文)

Key comments from our director

Cable TV in its programme ”樓盤傳真” interviewed Alex Leung, our Senior Director, regarding the proposed new government restrictions on the construction of nano flats less than 280 sqft. Alex compares nano flats with “luncheon meat”, which provides a cheaper alternative to the needs, and does not agree with the universal control. He suggests that the restrictions should be relieved by -

1) allowing all new developments have no more than 15% of nano flats; and

2) not banning nano flats on tiny development sites with land area less than 3,000 sqft.


Interview of Alex Leung starts at 12:00 -


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