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StockX, a US shoe digital marketplace and trade platform announced the completion of a new round $275million financing. The latest valuation of StockX rose to $2.8 billion. With more and more young people participating in e-commerce platform for limited edition shoe trading, StockX’s latest valuation seem not aggressive.

The business model of StockX does not complicated. The price of each shoe is updated continuously like the stock price. StockX will help buyers to confirm the authenticity of the goods. At present, StockX has a total monthly transaction value of up to US$100million, approximately 8 million active usage per month and has set up many centers around the world for quality checking.

A good business model must be replicable. So, is the StockX model possible copy to other areas?

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Caixin Magazine: 《財新》球鞋交易平台StockX的崛起:

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