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The Challenges and Opportunities in Singapore's Efforts to Boost the Stock Market

In recent years, the financial market has been favoring a comparison between Singapore and Hong Kong, with Singapore having already surpassed Hong Kong in certain areas such as asset management. However, there is still a consensus in the financial circle that Hong Kong's stock market is ultimately superior to Singapore's.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) are studying ways to boost Singapore's stock market and have implemented various measures to encourage listings, including a series of funds to support high-growth companies by subsidizing their listing costs and a program to expand the research coverage of Singapore-listed stocks. The SGX has also attempted to expand market access through the listing of depository receipts in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Depository receipts are shares of a foreign company traded on a local stock exchange, providing local investors the opportunity to invest in foreign stocks.

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