RICS Training Courses: Business & Intangible Asset Valuation Workshop

Our Executive Director, Ms Stella Law, delivered a Business and Intangible Asset Valuation Workshop coordinated by RICS on August 22 and 23, 2019. Topic   Module One: Step-by-step to valuing a business (22 August)

This workshop provides you with the basic methodologies and skills needed to perform valuation for a business and intangible asset. It will be particularly valuable to those who are looking for a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to value a business. Three basic valuation methodologies, namely market approach, income approach and cost approach, will be covered with real life case study sharing.

Module Two: Getting qualified as a chartered business valuer (23 August)

The competency requirements of this pathway are similar to the valuation pathway. However, this pathway includes the valuation of business interests and intangible assets instead of properties. This course will help you on creating a strong, defined written submission in line with this pathway's competency requirements.  Using a blend of case studies and real life examples of Business Valuation, you will gain the skills to effectively demonstrate your own abilities and attributes against the RICS framework.

皇家特許測量師學會(RICS) 培訓課程: 業務與無形資產估值研討會

我們誠摯邀請您參加由皇家特許測量師學會(RICS) 於2019年8月22日和23日舉辦的業務與無形資產估值研討會,是次研討會將會由我們的執行董事羅玨瑜女士主持 。 內容 單元一:逐步為業務估值(8月22日) 本研討會為您提供執行業務和無形資產估值所需的基本方法和技能。現實案例研究中將包含三種基本的估值方法 - 市場法,收入法和成本法。 單元二:獲得特許商業評估師的資格(8月23日) 特許商業評估師的能力要求與業務估值要求類似,但前者包括商業利益和無形資產估值,而不是房地產估值。本課程將協助參加者建立一個符合特許商業評估師水平要求且內容充實的書面申請。通過案例研究和現實例子,您將能夠有效地展示在RICS框架中的技能。

皇家特许测量师学会(RICS) 培训课程: 业务与无形资产估值研讨会

我们诚挚邀请您参加由皇家特许测量师学会(RICS) 于2019年8月22日和23日举办的业务与无形资产估值研讨会,是次研讨会将会由我们的执行董事罗玨瑜女士主持 。




本研讨会为您提供执行业务和无形资产估值所需的基本方法和技能。现实案例研究中将包含三种基本的估值方法 - 市场法,收入法和成本法。