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FIFA and EA Sports Part Ways After Years of Collaboration

FIFA與EA Sports好心分手

FIFA與電子遊戲發行商EA Sports於去年5月正式分手,結束了長達30年透過特約授權,而發展的世紀足球遊戲合作。分手意味着EA將不能把自身開發的足球遊戲,再稱為FIFA。取而代之,該款遊戲會改名為EA Sports FC。另外,遊戲中再不會出現四年一度的世界盃遊戲環節。EA似乎很清楚自家足球遊戲的成功,並不是靠這4個英文字母,而實際上世界盃帶給EA收益的佔比也不高。




FIFA and EA Sports Part Ways After Years of Collaboration

Exciting changes are on the way for EA's soccer game. The recent end of the partnership with FIFA means that EA will no longer be able to use "FIFA" as the name for its soccer game. Instead, the game will be renamed "EA Sports FC," and the quadrennial World Cup game will no longer be featured. Apparently, EA is fully aware that the success of its soccer game does not depend on the FIFA license, and the revenue brought in by the World Cup was not significant.

It is worth noting that the EA-FIFA partnership was only a "licensing" agreement, rather than a "sponsorship." While it allowed EA to develop FIFA licensed games, it did not grant any sponsorship rights. The end of the partnership marks a "kindly break-up" that will give EA more freedom and flexibility in using its budget. In addition, EA can now explore new opportunities, such as signing more leagues with other countries, besides the four major leagues. This move will undoubtedly excite many new players who are eager to see their country's league teams in EA's soccer games.

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