Visiting the “Living”
Tai Kwun in Central

Existing doesn’t mean living, Tai Kwun was finally given a new life in the end of May this year after it first closed down in 2006. The CHFT Team took the first opportunity we had to visit to our reborn old neighbour.

A comparison of Tai Kwun as viewed from our office and its scaled model from the same direction.

The solid stone staircases in the Barracks Building, appear to be lightweight but durable.

A group photo before the signature design of the Art Museum – the sculptural concrete stair.

About Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun were first built back in 1841. It is the most recent completed revitalization project and comprises of three heritage sites: the former Central Police Station, the Central Magistracy, and the Victoria Prison. The multipurpose complex is going to host numerous art and cultural exhibitions and events, providing citizens another alternative to spend their free time. The fine detail of its architecture is one of its kind as well. We just love the simplicity and elegance of its signature spiral staircase!

To celebrate its grand opening, an opening light show is on display from its open day until 24 June starting 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm daily, so catch it before it ends!