Sustainability Reporting for SGX-listed Companies 

Our team members are well experienced in assisting HK listed companies for calculation of carbon dioxide equivalent (“CO2e”) emission, setting key performance indicators (“KPIs”) as well as preparing ESG reports. The industries we covered include but not limited to property development, manufacturing, hospitality, F&B, and trading.


Followed the Singapore Exchange’ (SGX) requirement for listed companies to publish their sustainability reports starting the financial year 2017, we are among the first group of consultants providing such reporting and consulting services.


The SGX suggests a number of international standard frameworks for sustainability reporting. Considering the sizes, business natures, industry sectors as well as the availability of historical data of our Singapore clients, we tended to recommend the use the International Integrated Reporting Framework (<IR>) for most of our clients.


We are proficient in elaborating on strengths and advantages that the clients are pound of and translating them into precise and concise language. In addition, during our site visits and management interviews, we discovered other significant ESG contributions the clients had done that they were previously unaware of.


By working with the clients and collecting their relevant data, we monitored their progress on ESG factors and provided recommendations along the way, expecting the results to be reported by the end of the year would be much better than if the clients were unaided by our feedbacks.