Sales Brochure is vital to the sale of first-hand residential properties. We aim to assist developers in preparing accurate sales brochures. A series of consultancy services could be provided to fulfil the requirements of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance (Cap. 621), which include but not limited to:

  • Carrying out physical inspection to locate the 43 types of facilities specified in Cap. 621 within 250 meters from the boundary of the subject development and present them in a Location Plan;

  • Extracting the relevant portion of Outline Zoning Plan(s) to show the existing and proposed uses of all land situated within 500 metres from the boundary of the development;

  • Incorporating the Aerial Photograph of the development, denoting the location of the development and other features as needed;

  • Reviewing a Summary of Deed of Mutual Covenant and Land Grant of the development;

  • Revision of the measurement of Area of the Residential Properties, which include saleable area and other specified ancillary areas of each unit;

  • For completed buildings, inspection and verification of the Fittings, Finishes and Appliances, which include checking the numbers of electrical sockets, electrical appliance models and types of finishes of each unit; and

  • Preparing a report to the developer with photos, remarks and comments, and signed by our qualified and experienced surveyor.

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