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Property Sales & Marketing Advisory

CHFT has been providing services and assistance to property developers in different aspects to tally with their requirements such as market research, sales strategies on first-hand residential properties, and vetting of sales materials including brochures and advertisements to fulfil the statutory requirements.

Beyond the advisory services, we are the pioneer in providing INNOVATIVE technology solutions in property development and sales areas. We have been advising and providing online and technology solutions to cope with the latest trend as well as the impacts brought by COVID-19 such as sales and registration system and comprehensive social advertising strategies.

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Market Positioning & Development Advisory

  • Location & Micro-market Analysis

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Comments on Project Development e.g. flat size mix, development facilities, fittings, finishes & appliances, etc.

  • (see also our Real Estate Consultancy)

Sales Arrangement & Pricing Model

  • Target Customer Positioning

  • Marketing Plan & Timeline

  • Show Flat Set Up

  • Logistics of Sales Office

  • ​Suggestions on Price Lists & Adjustments

  • Comments on Payment Terms & Finance Arrangements

  • Recommendation on Sale of Special Units 

Preparation for & Vetting of Sales Materials

To fulfil the requirements of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance (Cap. 621), our services include but not limited to:


  • Physical Inspection to locate the 43 Types of Facilities Specified in Cap. 621 within 250 meters from the development boundary

  • Extract Relevant Portion of Outline Zoning Plan(s) showing lands situated within 500 metres from the development boundary

  • Incorporate Aerial Photograph and other features as required

  • Review the Summaries of Deed of Mutual Covenant and Land Grant

  • Revision of the Area Measurement of Residential Properties, which include saleable area and other specified ancillary areas

  • Vetting of Show Flat

  • Inspection and Verification of the Fittings, Finishes and Appliances

  • Issuance of a Formal Report with Photos, Remarks & Comments by Experienced Surveyor

  • Examination & Revision of Previous Version of Sale Brochure fulfilling Every Three Months Update requirement.

Innovative Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • Integration on Sales System

  • Innovative Online Sale Strategy / Bidding System

  • Reservation/ Booking System

  • Interactive Advertising & Marketing Strategies

  • Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)

  • Social Media and Video Marketing

  • Interactive Marketing

  • Geographic Marketing

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Chester Leung

Senior Director


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