ESG Report Consulting Services for

- A HK Listed Developer based in Guangzhou

The client is one of the leading property developers focusing on mid to high-end properties with premium quality in prime locations in Guangzhou. The Group owns over 100 projects in some 30 cities across Mainland China and Hong Kong. We provided professional ESG consulting services using the framework from Hong Kong Exchanges And Clearing Limited (“HKEx”). Not only fulfilling the requirements from HKEx, we also advised our client on key issues to improve their production practices.


From the beginning, we had a close communication with the client to understand their businesses and policies. After we investigated into their scope of businesses, we specified some green policies are valuable to be reported. As the client was a large scale developer in mainland and had extensive experience in integrating green elements into their projects, we conducted site visits to some of their most recent and interesting developments and interviewed local personnel on project management and/or property management. At the end, we got a detailed and concrete report on client’s green buildings.


Site visit was only a part of our data collection mechanism. In our ESG team, members are not only well experienced in assisting Hong Kong listed companies for calculation of carbon dioxide equivalent emission, setting key performance indicators and preparing ESG reports, we are also familiar with different industries and thus can tailor-make information request list and provide specific advice to respective companies. After data collection process, we are proficient in elaborating on strengths and advantages that the client was confident to let us complete the report and translate it into other languages.


After all the working with the client, the client was satisfied with our services and their investors as well as the general public could also benefit from the ESG report by knowing more about client’s performance on sustainability and social responsibility.