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美國街頭潮牌Supreme創始人James Jebbia曾說過:「作為小規模的品牌,我們不用投資者。」而如今,這家被視為潮流典範「小品牌」將被VF集團以21億美元現金收購,以擴充後者在服裝領域的版圖。值得注意的是,此次交易是VF集團自2011年以23億美元收購Timberland以來,最大的一筆。收購只有11家門店的Supreme,VF集團值得為其支付將近集團2020年一個季度的收入嗎?

James Jebbia, the founder of the American street brand Supreme, once said, “As a small brand, we do it all. We do not need an investor.” Now, this trendsetting “small brand” will be acquired by VF Group for US$2.1 billion to expand its footprint in the apparel industry.

The acquisition of Supreme is VF Group’s largest deal since it acquired Timberland in 2011 with $2.3 billion. Is it worth it for VF group to pay nearly a quarter of its 2020 revenue for Supreme, which has only 11 flagship stores worldwide?


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