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西貢公路蠔涌住宅地 8月21日截標,接獲多達22份標書。基於兩原因,華坊估計5.8至 6.2億,比同業樂觀。

Tender for government low-density residential land in Sai Kung was closing last Friday. CHFT expects the sale price be in the region of $10,000 to $10,800 on AV, which is the among the high end among general market perception. There are two reasons why CHFT is more optimistic on the sale price, 1) we do consider land sale comparable and flat prices of new developments that not yet officially launched, and 2) we believe the strength of small to medium scale developers.


西贡公路蚝涌住宅地 8月21日截标,接获多达22份标书。基于两原因,华坊估计5.8至 6.2亿,比同业乐观。


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