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最近財經市場出現了一個新名詞「宅經濟」(Work from Home Economy)。值得留意的是,宅經濟並不是新冠肺炎所衍生的,在資訊科技的發展和在家辦公的趨勢下,宅經濟的急速發展是大勢所趨。

最近財經市場出現了一個新名詞「宅經濟」(Work from Home Economy)。值得留意的是,宅經濟並不是新冠肺炎所衍生的,在資訊科技的發展和在家辦公的趨勢下,宅經濟的急速發展是大勢所趨。在線醫療如平安好醫生,直播健身如Peloton,在線教育如Coursea等,它們並非是新鮮事物,但是因為疫情的打擊,行業需要自救,人們日常需求不會消失,便以網上取代網下業務,故促進了宅經濟的發展。

Amazon will provisionally be allowed by UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)to invest in UK-based food delivery startup Deliveroo as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hammered Deliveroo’s business by forcing the restaurants for which it delivers to close. Our Stella Law said in her column on iMoney that the next big trend is "Stay at home Economy". Internet technologies have not only formed the online shopping behavior, but also changed the way people do their work. “Working at home” is a good example of the impact of the Internet.

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