Medicine Valuation

- Two Biological Antibody Products

Our team has extensive valuation experience in pharmaceutical industry. We were instructed by a pharma group to provide valuation services for two biological antibody products purchased. The two biological assets were respectively at the stage of phase I clinical trial and the stage of having obtained the CDE’s approval to proceed with phase I clinical trials.


For this valuation, we have a detailed understanding of the research and development process of monoclonal antibody product, including the content from phase I to phase III clinical trials, such as the trial process, the test methods involved, the number of clinical centers  and the process of drug production, including process characterization, process validation, process optimization, clinical drug production, etc.


Information of the project is as follows:

  • Valuation Subject: Two monoclonal biological antibody products – for colorectal cancer or non-small cell lung cancer and osteoporosis among postmenopausal women; reducing the risk of fractures

  • Consideration: 450 million yuan

  • Valuation Method: cost approach - summation method