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We possess first-class experts on conducting detailed industry research for many different types of purposes, such as corporate advising and listing. We employ a tailored and rigorous research methodology to provide fact-based and intelligent consulting that covers a variety of industries. (16).png (17).png (18).png (8).png

Our industry research covers, among others, the following industries:




Apparel & Footwear



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Banking & Finance


Consumer Products



Our researches typically centre around the following structure: ​

Overview of

macro-economic environment of the relevant geographic location(s) 

  • Information on GDP and its growth rate;

  • Employment rate;

  • Number and trend of labour force and wage indexes; and

  • Qualitative descriptions of other relevant economic trends directly impacting the economic development of the geographic location.

Market Overview of

the Subject Industry

  • Qualitative descriptions and quantitative reviews (forecast) of the subject industry a predefined number of years before (after) the interested date;

  • Recent historical development of the industry in the area;

  • Government politics affecting the subject industry;

  • Drivers of demand and supply of the subject industry;

  • Average prices of the major factors of production;

  • Major types and sectors of customers; and

  • Qualitative description of future trends directly impacting the development of the subject industry.

Positioning of the Subject Company within the industry

  • The Company’s market position and market share in the Subject Industry within the relevant locale;

  • Classification of the industrial players and key competitors;

  • Market size analysis of the Subject Industry in the locale;

  • Industry player ranking analysis and identifying key players in the industry

  • Quantitative and qualitative review of the top ten market players of the Subject Industry, ranked by revenue and related market share, with background information

  • Market concentration overview of the Subject Industry in the locale;

  • Nature of competition in the industry;

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the competitive advantage of the Subject Company as compared to its peers; and

  • Market share of the Company’s service.

Competitive Analysis of

the Subject Industry

  • The industry structure;

  • Number of competitors;

  • Factors of competitions;

  • Opportunities and threats for the subject industry; and

  • Entry barriers for the subject industry in the relevant location.

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Leo Wong

Chief Analyst

Prior to joining CHFT, Leo worked in Parsons Brinckerhoff (now known as WSP), a global leading consultant in the planning and construction.

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