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Management & Finance Strategic Advisory

Our Management and Financial Strategy Advisory engagements draw directly from these decades of accumulated industry expertise to quickly identify the critical areas for greatest improvement, and then design and implement solutions that make your organization runs better.

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Management Strategy

The corporate direction of any organization should be adjusted from time to time to embrace any forthcoming opportunities or challenges amidst of uncertainities. CHFT’s management strategy consultant will help determine if new business areas should be added, other business areas eliminated, or if businesses should be contracted/grown. We will also aid in the new direction, such as overseas expansion and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) preparation.



Technological Strategy

Technology disruption in the business world is inevitable. To stay competitive, one must harness the power and capabilities of technology to support your business model and goals. CHFT works with you to with technological recommendations and develop a strategic plan for technology implementation to enhance your organization’s digital readiness in this smart era.

Financial Strategy

To assist you in achieving the next round of business development, CHFT will produce market reports by region or city, property analyses, plan development, strategic advice and risk analyses are just some examples of what we can help you with. We also produce macroeconomic forecasts, total-yield forecasts and transaction analyses to provide effective financial management solutions.


Stella Law

Executive Director


Stella specializes in valuation of business and intangible assets with over 10 years’ experience in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China as well as other countries over the world. Prior joining CHFT, she was a director of the valuation department of a Fortune 500 company.

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