IPMS Meeting 2018 @ São Paulo

The annual face-to-face meeting of IPMS (International Property Measurement Standards) Setting Committee was held in São Paulo, Brazil in September this year. It was winter in São Paulo and the weather was so pleasant. However, the 5-day meeting was well packed and there was no time for the committee members to have a city tour during daytime. 

We discussed the market feedback from public consultation for the IPMS – Standards for Retail Buildings as well as harmonisation of the standards among different types of property classes. We had a newly joined member, who brought in new thinking from his professional background, and initiated more debates on areas where the original members might already have some sorts of compromise over various previous meetings and conference calls. The debates were healthy as we all aimed to have the measurement standards to be fair and globally acceptable by the users.

The host of the meeting this year, Mr Anthony Gebhardt, a committee member from Brazil, arranged a venue for the meeting in his office and lead us to have fine dining after the daily meetings. Brazilian BBQ steakhouse, secret Italian food, a restaurant with view to Ibirapuera Park, … were the most enjoyable part of this trip.


Committee members dinner with Ms Marcai Ferrari, RICS representative from São Paulo, who is responsible for the Latin America region.