ESG Reporting and Consulting for

- A Catering Group in Hong Kong

One of our clients operates more than ten luxurious restaurants in Hong Kong, covering a variety of cuisines and styles, including Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. We provided professional ESG consulting services using the framework from Hong Kong Exchanges And Clearing Limited (“HKEx”).

We conducted detail data collection for all essential inputs for calculation of KPIs, including emission of pollutants and carbon dioxide equivalents, as well as the discharges of effluents and solid wastes. We also collected data for individual restaurant, so the client could compare the intensities of resources consumption and environmental performance for each restaurant, so further green initiatives could be explored.

We did not have much difficulty in collection of data, or any significant diverging views with the client on the overall approach of the reporting exercise. Our major challenge was to elicit from the client the many green initiatives that they had been doing for a long time but they were not aware many of such were worthy of reporting. One such initiatives was their continued commitment to furbish their interior with utmost attention to lighting effect and the minimum amount of energy required. Further, real plants were used as table decorations in lieu of plastic superficial flowers, because real plants contributed to improved air quality within the restaurant and at the same time they were more environmental friendly than plastic plants.

Finally, it remained our duty to inform the ESG report readers as well as our client that the catering industry contributed significantly to pollution and greenhouse gases, and that we will be our client’s partner to constantly advise them on improving sustainable performance and how other players in catering could do the same.