2019 ASA Rising Star Award
Ms Stella Law, Executive Director of CHFT

Congratulations to our Executive Director, Ms Stella Law, who has just won the 2019 Rising Star Award of American Society of Appraisers (ASA) .


The Rising Star Award is specialized for professional members of ASA who gained recognition in developing their full potential through mentoring, career advancement through networking events, grow their leadership through national or local chapter volunteer opportunities.


With the honour achieved, Stella was invited to an interview by “JESSICA”, a monthly magazine, to share her experience throughout her career path. In the interview, Stella discussed about her thoughts on management and goals in the future. As an employer, she understands that catering the needs of different employees is the key to expand a business. Employees with different age group and background would have different expectations. Her company emphasizes on mentorship to maintain staff quality and morale. What she means about expansion is not increasing the number of staff, instead, diversifying and improving the quality of service is the key to further extend the business.

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https://www.jessicahk.com/articles/shuo-yi-shi-yi-luo-jue-yu ; https://www.appraisers.org/Membership/rising-stars-program

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Stella's interview with “JESSICA”